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The Kingdom Mandate Fellowship (KMF) was founded with the purpose and intention of helping leaders maximize their ministry, calling, and anointing. We understand the need for more structured, kingdom-driven organizations focused on developing ministries that function according to God’s original intent. As an apostolic organization, we take careful interest in our leaders and pastors, who are God's generals, that we’ve been privileged to serve and work with. We have a special anointing and grace to help you clarify your mission, build according to authentic kingdom models, and structure your ministry in a way that will allow you to pour out your life into other sons and daughters. 

KMF vision
KMF mission statement
KMF kingdom mandate fellowship assignment
Our Vision


To see the world transformed by God’s original intent producing kingdom influence at all levels of society. 

Our Mission


Strategic fellowship and gathering of leaders committed to developing mature sons in the kingdom of God.

Our Assignment


To assist leaders in the process of achieving their kingdom mandate so they can live full and die empty.



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