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Learn The Benefits and What We Offer

Benefits of Joining KMF

Our Vision, Mission & Assignment

  • Spiritual Covering for all Five-Fold ministries; if you have Spiritual Covering already we are able to still come along side and provide resources and help as needed.

  • Apostolic fathering, training and development for leaders

  • Prophetic counsel and training for prophetic ministries and ministers

  • KMF Conference Calls 

  • KMF Regional and International Summits

  • Mentorship, Networking, Fellowship, and Group Accountability

  • 1:1 Mentorship from Apostle Marshall McGee and KMF Leadership

  • Ministry Credentials: licensing, ordination and commissioning services*

  • Kingdom centered learning and courses

  • Special KMF pricing and discounts on all KMF products and events



Our kingdom model for training and developing leaders breaks down into four areas. As leaders connect and commit to the KMF process they will learn how to build according to these patterns as a means to effective kingdom ministry and apostolic influence. 

  • Understanding the intent of God.

  • Origins: Another look at the Kingdom of God.

  • Understanding the reality of Kingdom life and Kingdom living.

  • Keys of the Kingdom: how the Kingdom works.

  • Apostolic Architecture: Building according to divine pattern.

  • The Foundation of Apostles and Prophets

  • The Purpose and Ministry of The Church

  • The complete wineskin: Five-Fold Ministry

Spiritual Engineering

& Navigation

  • Equipping the saints for works of Ministry

  • Discovering and development of spiritual gifts

  • Prophetic training and prophetic activations 

  • Development of church leadership teams

Art of Dying Empty:

Laws of Effectiveness

  • Apostolic dimensions: the sent mandate

  • Going to the finish: working with assignment and intent

  • Building from revelation to doctrine, doctrine to lifestyle

  • Reproduce: imparting what you have received to others

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