Dr Apostle Marshall McGee and wife randi mcgee
Apostle Marshall McGee


Over the past 46 years, Apostle McGee has built one of the most powerful and transformational ministries designed to help leaders understand their calling and assignment in order to have kingdom impact at all levels of society. He is the founder and presiding apostle of the Kingdom Mandate Fellowship, which trains and equips leaders in over 15 nations, assisting them in the process of achieving their kingdom mandate so they can live full and die empty. In addition, he is the founder of Agape Worship Center International, an advisor to leaders across the globe, and a father of 4. Apostle McGee resides in Omaha, NE with his wife Randi, where both Agape International and KMF are headquartered.

Meet The Founder


Dr. Marshall McGee is one of the most sought after voices in kingdom-apostolic ministry. He is a true spiritual father in the kingdom and a relevant prophetic voice to the nations of the world.